The Region of Perg-Strudengau will provide the setting for the Festival of the Regions 2019. With its 24 municipalities in southeast Mühlviertel, the region brings together a multitude of different landscapes and living spaces. A breathtakingly beautiful region extends from the south with its fertile, meadowy landscape to the north with its soft, forested knolls. The everyday lives of people in Perg-Strudengau are shaped in many ways by the preservation of natural resources, the fostering of the regional identity and community through an openness to both new things and newcomers (Zuagroaste), as well as through economic collaborations. With the “Region Of Awareness,” consisting of the three municipalities of Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen, the region also actively and critically grapples with Austria’s darkest historical period. The Festival of the Regions 2019 will link all of these facets of regional history together for developing a touching, sensorial collective account of togetherness.