Open Call for Festival of Regions 2021

Festival 2021

In 2021, the 15th edition of the Festival of Regions will focus on the Upper Austrian part of the historic Salzkammergut – between Bad Ischl and Obertraun. For the first time, the Festival of Regions invites artists to three residencies, during which they will develop and implement projects together with the local population.

The participating artists are named CulturNauts due to the research nature of the work process. The new format will be implemented in the form of three work phases:

First residency (October 9-18, 2020): research phase

Second residency (End of January 2021): project definition

Third residency (May 4 to July 4, 2021): project implementation and presentation

In the limited space in the Salzkammergut there is room for many different lifestyles, dialects and languages, opinions and religions. The CultureNauts are from different sectors and countries will bring the needs, dreams and ideas of the different population groups to light with the aim of working with them to develop and present future visions for the region.

From October 9th to 18th, they explored the region and met various potential project partners, cultural and social workers and artists. They visited various initiatives and possible performance and presentation locations. At the same time, they went on a search for traces of historical and current conditions and circumstances in the region.

With the approach of dealing with social issues and everyday life worlds with contemporary art, the festival aims at the dialogue between the local population and local, regional and international artists. Participation is a top priority.


General information about the Festival of Regions