2013 Festival of Regions: ‘Digging Up’ in Eferding

Veröffentlicht am 14.02.2013

The Festival of Regions is coming to Eferding from 7 to 16 June with more than 30 projects. The public can prepare itself for an intensive, 10-day-long festival of present-day arts and cultures -

- of resonating vegetables, cosmic theatre, running roast pork, rambling town plans, strong words, preserving dirndls, insidious snatches of gossip, bright yellow showers, strict inspectors, bizarre rural machines, historical exposures, desolate landscape, television surveillance, audible ski-jumpers, mighty choirs, intimate confessions, murmuring noises, bureaucrats’ conflicts, roaming sounds, passionate music-making, seasonal labour-powers, human and vegetable migration, biographical browsing, windy transfers — and also for social evenings on the town square with bands from the broad Eferding Basin.

A Festival for Eferding
The 2013 Festival of Regions is dedicated to the residents of Eferding. All the themes, motifs and interventions relate to the region’s history and stories, to its social relations and structures. Under the motto, Digging Up, Eferding is being investigated and cultivated artistically. In so doing, unusual perspectives on the habitual are to be evoked and a nourishing soil prepared for new artistic plantings, including rare plants and hybrid mutations.

Thirty-six projects with more than 100 participants
The 2013 Festival of Regions is taking place under the artistic directorship of Gottfried Hattinger and the business management of Barbara Mitterlehner. To date (14 February), thirty-six projects with many more than 100 participating artists, groups and collaborators from Eferding and environs are planned for the ten festival days.

Festival of Regions
The Festival of Regions is a contemporary art and culture festival taking place biennially at changing locations in Upper Austria. At the interface between art and everyday life, the festival’s projects draw the current location’s living spaces and their residents into an engagement with social, political and artistic issues.
Details about the projects follow overleaf as well as at www.fdr.at

Project overview on www.fdr.at